Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Some Would-be Titles

A few days ago, while I was forced to sit and waste my time watching how much people love hearing themselves, my mind drifted away and came back with these would-be titles. Perhaps they will become a poem or a short story, and perhaps they will fall into oblivion. Time will tell...

The darkest love there is
The dungeon within
Tortured daydreams
Labyrinth of mine
Lone throng
Devious innocence
Defiled morn
Cherished punishment
Exposed innards
Dominated djinn
Pristine bowels
Eternal quietus
The patient stalker
Haunting you
Darkly gifted
Son of the omen
Digging into the pit
The welcome maggot
Enjoying the fall
Parasiting the worm
Obstreperous leviathan
Bed knell
Blood toll
Crystalline filth

(Artwork taken from carts.)