Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Night falls oppressive
And your heart is trembling.
Clouds pounce on the sky
And your spirit is crawling to the ground.
Thunder is close;
Your daring far-off.
The forest teems with blood-lusting wild beasts
Your blood!
To escape! your eyes, nose, ears are crying.
Black birds are singing a deathsong:
Thou! Going over the Leviathan's domains!
Wherein the incubus´ footfalls waver,
Wherein the succubi are stalking your flesh,
Wherein you are to die torn apart,
And He Will have his supper.
You won't survive since no-one does it
But you will rather die once and a thousand times,
Once we start to enjoy thee.
We will sharpen our nails upon your sex
And you will ask willingly to go on to next torture.
Seek a hide
If you can,
For there is nowhere to hide in Armageddon’s time
And the dead will satiate its hunger on your palpitating pieces.
Refuse the flight and let yourself fall to the ground.
We will immolate you slow and minutely.
It will be the best for you,
Because you are living a escapeless time.

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