Monday, 27 July 2015


Where the light is either prey or predator,
Where male parasitizes female,
Where it is raining a manna of carrion,
Where death is waiting for you in the slime,
It is the abyssal lords’ kingdom.

Where blood mingles with darkness,
Where to live is to stalk and flee,
Where one dies but to pieces,
Where there is naught but a miry nothingness,
It is the abyssal lords’ kingdom.

Some wide open jaws,
Some yearning fangs,
And an appalling and grinding agony.

Scream, intruder, your bones smashed,
More and more as you descend,
While a thousand mouths tear thee,
Gulping thy pieces,
                                                                                        For no-one knows the bottom of the chasm.

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